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Regular Services Planned for Tonight, March 21

We plan to have regular services Sunday night, March 21.  The roads and parking lot are pretty clear.

No Services Sunday – January 31

Due to the bad weather and the ice and snow in the parking lot and side streets we will not have services Sunday, January 31.

Work Day with Memorial Road Teens

On Satuday, Feb 7 a group of 25 7th and 9th graders came to work at the building. They did a great job on all the projects.

When they arrived we had a devo with the Capitol Hill youth and a group from OC Outreach. We then divided up into teams an tackled lots a projects around the building. We clean bathrooms, windows, classrooms, lobbies, the auditorium and the vans. We also worked in the sharing room and painted to cover graffitii.

The all worked very hard and did a good job. Thanks to all that came to do work at Capitol Hill!

Teens Lead in Worship

On Sunday, Feb. 1, the boys from the youth group lead in worship. They did a great job.

You can help!

You can help at Capitol Hill.  There are so many ways that you can be a blessing to those in need at Capitol Hill.  We hope you will come learn more about our work at the special meeting at 4:00 pm on Sunday February 8th in room A2 at the Memorial Road Church of Christ.

One of the best ways to get started is to just come visit on Sunday evening at 4:00 for worship and Bible Class or on Thursday at 7:00 pm.  You will see first hand how you can help those in need.

Check our the Volunteers page to learn about the different kinds of thing you can do to help.

Children receive belssings for Christmas!

Bowed to Pray

Bowed to Pray

In December, we had our annual Christmas party with food, Santa Clause and presents.  We have about 140 guest and 25 volunteers at the building to help. 

All the guest were greated by Pacho Hobbes.  They were then all served a very good hot meal.  We sang a few Christmas carols to see if we could get Santa to come out.  Sure enought he and his elf came to visit.  Santa and his elf handed out presents to 100 children.  We also took pictures of each family with Santa. Then each child got to write a thank you note to those that provided the gits. We will presonally deliver these pictures to the family’s home so we can invite the parents to come to church and Bible Class.

Thanks Santa

Thanks Santa

The food and presents were provided by Memorial Road Church of Christ, Oakcrest Church of Christ and Yukon Church of Christ.  The presents were all wraped by the women of Gama Rho, an OC social service club.  Thansk to every one, especial Erin, who made this a great blessing for the kids at Capitol Hill and their families.

We will have Bible Classes Tonight!

We are planning to have classes tonight.  The vans will run on their normal schedule.  Look forward to seeing you there.

No Services Thursday Night – Dec. 25

There will not be any classes,meal or clinic this Thursday, December 25.  We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season.

A Great Day in the City!

Day in the City

It was a great day for service at Capitol Hill. We had over 60 volunteers come to serve in our community. We did projects at homes around the buidling and projects at the church building. We are so thankful for God’s servents that came to help. We hope those in this community can see the love God has for them through the acts of service done in this community.

Thursday Services

Weekly Thursday Services
Bible Class for all ages at 7:00 pm

English and Spanish Adult Classes.